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Vonciel Jones Hill has a long record of enforcing the old school political elite in Dallas. She has been proud to work with these old school elite such as John Wiley Price, who has been arrested and charged on such items as tax evasion, fraud, and money laundering. Vonciel is not ashamed to support the old guard in Dallas, working to ensure her district remains at the bottom of the heap, while enriching the districts up north and fighting valiantly for regionalism over representing her district. She has no shame, and will lie without remorse at the City Council meetings to ensure her misinformation is heard. She refuses to discuss issues directly with her constituents, as it is clear to her that they obviously do not know what is best for them. Vonciel Jones Hill supports Casey Thomas as her replacement. A man that was forced out of the NAACP for questionable activity, and who endorsed her in previous elections. Rather than do what is best for District 3, she has chosen nepotism and the continuation of the old school politics that have put District 3 near the bottom.

UPDATE May 30, 2015:

More documents here!

UPDATE March 28, 2015:

Click HERE to see documents related to Casey Thomas' issues with the NAACP. Now with allegations in Articles II, V, and VI!